Throughout the night, we continued our transit from the Weddell Sea to the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula. By morning, we had arrived in beautiful Cierva Cove, the location of the Argentine Base Primavera. The waters are full of beautiful ice that has calved from the glaciers in the back of the cove. We set out in the morning for Zodiac cruises through the ice and saw Wilson’s storm petrels, snow petrels, Weddell seals, and gentoo penguins (and a few Adelies and chinstraps). We even had a brief encounter with a humpback whale.

In the afternoon, we stayed in Cierva Cove and took out the kayaks to enjoy the glistening world of ice from just a few inches above the water. The day could not get any better, and conditions were perfect for the polar plunge. The brave took the plunge, and the smart stayed warm inside. A perfect day in Antarctica!