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Ezra Siegel

With an insatiable curiosity, Ezra has been drawn to travel the world and explore from a young age. Ezra pursued a degree in History from Colorado College, which only further piqued his interest to travel and see firsthand the places that he had read about during his studies.

He is motivated by an equal balance of cultural, historical, and natural interests, which have led him around the world. Ezra’s foray into the guiding and photography world began in the Colombian Amazon where he stumbled into work as a translator. Having always enjoyed the natural world personally, he discovered a new joy in sharing his passion with others. Since then, he has worked as a naturalist and guide throughout South America, Southeast Alaska, and polar regions – finding himself most at home in the colder latitudes where ice meets the water.

In his free time, Ezra may be spotted anywhere around the world, furthering his skills photographing landscapes and wildlife, scuba diving, learning languages, falling out of planes or sampling local cuisines while having friendly chats with anyone around.