Our third day exploring the Upper Amazon was concentrated along the Ucayali River. In the morning, we explored Clavero Lake. We could see a lot of local fishermen throwing their nets, hoping for a good catch of the day. It was a good morning for fishing. An osprey flew nearby, showing us its morning meal.

Pink and gray dolphins were also looking for their morning catch. Our guests took advantage of this performance and took as many photos as possible. It was quite a challenge since dolphins are so unpredictable when it comes to where they will come up to breathe.

For the afternoon’s activities, we move Delfin II to another very productive area, Supay Creek. This creek had a lot of camu-camu shrubs along the riverbank. The fruit of this shrub, rich in vitamin C, is harvested by locals.

We had the opportunity to explore this place by kayak and skiff. It was another afternoon loaded with a lot of wildlife sightings.