Our day began in the Westfjords of Iceland aboard National Geographic Resolution. Once on land, we hiked up to the stunning waterfall Dynjandi, one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls. Dynjandi (which roughly translates to “thunderous”) is a powerful, wide-spreading waterfall that has a series of falls below as the water makes its way to the ocean. Our long hikers saw a whale during their walk into the fjord, and some seals popped their heads up above the water along the shoreline.

The hotel team prepared a tasty waffle teatime for us to enjoy as we sailed past Látrabjarg, the easternmost point of Iceland, full of birds and life.

Greg Winston shared his experiences as a National Geographic photographer, and our guest speaker Ragna Árnadóttir gave a presentation on Althing and the history of the Icelandic parliament. The talk was extremely interesting and gave great insight into Icelandic culture and how the democracy has developed over the years.