Assistant Expedition Leader

Alexandra Kristjansdottir

Alexandra is an explorer at heart. She has had the opportunity to visit over 50 countries and has been lucky enough to call several of them home. Born in Iceland, she grew up spending most of her childhood outdoors in the wilderness, observing wildlife, hiking up mountains, and being out at sea with her grandfather on his larc boat.

Her background is very diverse. From being a property manager managing over a hundred properties to landing her dream job out of over 24,000 applicants, becoming a travel nanny for an American family. She has always set the bar high for herself and chased her dreams. Working as a travel nanny gave her the unique opportunity to witness the effects of climate change firsthand, all across the globe. This had a profound impact on her and led her to completely change career paths. She delved into studying climate change at college in England and has worked with various environmental initiatives since then.

Off the boat you will find her spending time with her family and friends, scuba diving or working in rural India on environmental or female empowerment projects.

Alexandra is truly delighted to be working with Lindblad-National Geographic, combining her love for nature and exploration with her passion for conservation and protecting this beautiful planet of ours.

My upcoming expeditions

Wild Greenland Escape

Jul 12 2024
Jul 17 2024