We took a break from exploring British Columbia’s wild coastline to visit the beautiful city of Victoria. The capital of the province, Victoria features some gorgeous architecture with clear influence from its time as the primary Pacific port for the Royal Navy. Today the capital is a bustling city nestled in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula. This makes for a completely different collection of plant life as this haven receives less than 20-inches of rain a year.

Guests and staff split up to try a variety of activities that focused on everything from the city’s vibrant gardens, to its history, and even food tours that examined the city’s diverse dining options.

The weather didn’t disappoint, with clear skies and a mix of dramatic fog that rolled in and around the city as the afternoon wore on. We capped our day with a visit to one of Victoria’s premier art exhibits complete with cocktails and scrumptious appetizers. Tonight we cast off for America, bound for Friday Harbor, the San Juan Islands, and more sunny weather.