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Dave Cannamore

David has lived in Alaska since he was five years old and got his first taste of outdoor adventure on backpacking and camping trips in the Anchorage area. After graduating from high school, David spent two chilly winters in Fairbanks before finding his true home among the tall trees and glaciers of southeast Alaska.

Since arriving in 2010, David has looked for work that keeps him on the water and near the orca whales and wild places he loves so much. This has led him and his wife Brittney on a journey that has included caretaking remote whale research stations, kayak guiding, deck handing, and assisting in research programs for the National Park Service.

Today David calls Gustavus, Alaska home and he, Brittney, and their two cats are taking a crash course in carpentry while building their own cabin. When not working for Lindblad or hammering 2 x 6s, David works as a kayak guide in Glacier Bay during the summer and as a freelance writer and shrimp fisherman during the fall and winter.