Another sunny day and calm seas greeted us as we secured the ship to the dock on the outskirts of downtown Victoria. We were offered a plethora of ways to spend the day in the British Columbia capital. We enjoyed everything from casual walks to canoe trips to food tours, which were just as delicious as they sound.

Several guests opted to explore Victoria’s impressive city parks, which feature a combination of native and ornamental trees that were often framed by local birdlife and even a few bold peacocks.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the chance to view the artwork of esteemed Victorian artist Robert Bateman. Specializing in landscape and wildlife work, many of the pieces served as the perfect capstone to a memorable journey that is rapidly coming to an end.

Tonight, we cast off and sail for the San Juan Islands of Washington State. We’ll spend our final day enjoying the iconic Friday Harbor and the other picturesque islands that sit in the glorious rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains.