Exploring Tracy Arm is a wonderful way to culminate our expedition and a great place to reflect on our experiences of the past week. After transiting eastward toward the head of this classic, scenic fjord, we headed out in Zodiacs, excited to approach the face of South Sawyer Glacier. The air was crisp, but the weather held as we cruised around icebergs, bergy bits, growlers, and brash ice, all calved off the receding glacier. Harbor seals use this habitat to birth their pups, safe from terrestrial and marine predators. What will happen if the glacier recedes back onto land and the seals can no longer use the safety of the ice?


Birds also use the floating ice, waiting to take advantage of food that the calving glacier brings to the surface.

In the afternoon, the young explorers enjoyed learning to drive a Zodiac. Then, people on deck cheered-on the intrepid people who endured the cold water for the “Polar Plunge” – a refreshing and exhilarating experience.

There was a festive atmosphere this evening for the guest slide show, recap, dinner, and Tom Ritchie’s “Modern Explorer” episodes. When can we sign up for the next expedition?