Today is our last full expedition day in the Galapagos, an adventure that seems unreal. Though we came from different places, we bonded as one as we traveled from Fernandina to San Cristobal islands--from the youngest and one of the oldest in the archipelago--on a journey of discovery through time.

Our expedition ended where it began, at San Cristobal Island. Today we opted for a fun Zodiac ride searching for red-footed boobies, followed by an active 1.5-mile-long walk on a green olivine beach. The volcanic scenery was spectacular. Peaks of tuff, high in the sky, made this site very different from what we have seen.

Back on the beach, we had fun swimming and playing with a large colony of sea lions, our ever-present friends. One of our naturalists counted more than 30 playful young sea lions.

Later, we repositioned our ship for our last landing at Cerro Brujo, where we enjoyed the long white sandy beach. Today was a bit overcast with an upcoming inversion layer. Our expedition is now over, but we are forever changed by the magic of the Galapagos.

Farewell amigos.