Today we explored the amazing Tortuga Island, a shield volcano born near the deep Guaymas Basin. Some guests explored on foot; those that went for the hike made it to the top and observed the impressive caldera that crowns the island. There, thousands of years ago, was a lava lake, now solidified. In the rim and along our route we encountered various cacti, brittlebush or incense, saltbush, and leather plant; we also discovered some pelicans and blue-footed boobies nesting on the slopes. All of us kept a safe distance from the birds to avoid disturbance. Other guests explored the area by Zodiac cruise and delighted in observing the different lava strata, mainly basalts, that slowly constructed the “new” island over a previous, older, volcano. This visit to Tortuga Island was an expedition highlight, since it was the first time that a group of our guests met the right weather conditions for a safe landing and cruising. Congratulations!