National Geographic Endurance and her guests had a truly special day with a visit to Karukinka Natural Park! We saw all the sights and heard all of the sounds we expected, and we were also greeted by an immaculate sky and the rarest thing of all in these parts: sunshine. We got up close and personal with several species of wildlife this morning, including southern elephant seals on the beach and even a curious culpeo fox just off the trail.

Bahia Ainsworth offered impressive views of far-off glaciers and a rare opportunity to see a true Patagonian forest and a peat bog. Our guests observed where glacial meltwater is stored in peat bogs, and they got to see mudflats with hosts of wildlife, including a night heron. On the trip back, we were happy to see Peale’s dolphins playing in the wake of our Zodiacs. It was a truly inspiring day for anyone with an adventurous heart.