The ship woke very slowly this morning. A smattering of wildlife accompanied us on our journey across the Drake, with soft-plumage petrels, Wilson’s storm petrels, black-bellied storm petrels, and prion species occasionally emerging out of thick fog.

Due to the moody weather, we spent the day listening to presentations on what life looks like on an Antarctic base, the importance and issues facing birds of today, ice on planet earth, and maritime archaeology. Other guests chose to play board games in the observation lounge with its amazing panoramic views. The board game of the day was a National Geographic game from the 90’s!

At recap we played with the undersea team’s dive gear and had a ‘who can keep their hand in an ice bucket the longest to mimic the freezing cold temperatures that our intrepid divers face to take the videos’ contest.

We followed this up with pizza night and played music in the lounge after dinner. Everyone shared favorite trip moments and reflected on the previous three weeks.