Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Alice Skehel

Marine biologist, ornithologist, conservationist and scuba diver, Alice spent her childhood in the UK, dreaming of studying the Oceans and travelling. In 2016 she achieved a master’s in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton, studying global jellyfish population cycles. During her studies she undertook a year abroad on the southeast coast of the United States. It was here, bird watching in the swamps and surfing on the beaches, her passion for seabirds took off.

After university she worked as a research assistant in the Galapagos Archipelago. Here she got to assist projects investigating the health of seabirds, the presence of plastics in the archipelago and population connectivity studies of Galapagos bullhead sharks (the latter involved countless night dives around the Archipelago). Over the last few years, Alice has been leading a team of staff protecting little terns in the UK, she also found a passion for chillier climes, spending her holidays hiking and exploring in the Arctic.

Alice is now studying her PhD investigating the impacts of chemical contaminants and marine debris on iconic seabird species in Galapagos with an Australian university. Alongside this, she is determined to continue sharing her passion for nature as a guide.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Dec 12 2024
Dec 22 2024
Jan 1 2025