Welcome along on an adventure of a day! We were graced with clear skies as we embarked on our final day of exploring Southeast Alaska by venturing into the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness to see the face of South Sawyer Glacier.

Our morning Zodiac rides offered breathtaking views of the towering South Sawyer Glacier, its blue ice glowing in the morning light. We witnessed icebergs calving and learned about glaciology from our knowledgeable naturalist.

After a delicious lunch on board, we cruised through Tracy Arm Fjord, enjoying serene water and spotting harbor seals and bald eagles in their natural habitat.

Today’s expedition was a perfect blend of glacier exploration and wildlife encounters showcasing Alaska’s natural beauty in all its glory. As our journey nears its end, we’re grateful for the unforgettable memories made and the incredible sights we’ve seen together.

Until next time, keep exploring!