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Kelly Morgan

Kelly spent her childhood and adolescence in Maryland, exploring the wonders of the natural world wherever she could. This innate curiosity about the environment around her led Kelly to question why people and animals were driven to live their lives the way they do. To help satiate that curiosity while attending Eckerd College, Kelly focused her studies in Psychology on animal behavior.

After a few years of post-college studying, specifically marine mammals and their behaviors, Kelly moved 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles to Catalina Island. At the Catalina Island Marine Institute, Kelly taught Marine Science to large groups of students from all over the country. Every day was filled with education in the outdoors by way of snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking. Working on Catalina provided Kelly the opportunity to meet thousands of students, teachers, and chaperones. It was there that she was able to instill a passion for marine conservation in the next wave of environmental stewards. In her off time from Catalina, Kelly took up traveling to all corners of the world to learn as much as possible about other cultures. From the beautiful diving in Southeast Asia to the architecture of South America all the way to the history and traditions of Europe, Kelly has soaked up every moment of travel she has been lucky enough to experience.

When she is not out on expeditions you can find Kelly capturing the world both above and below the water through videography and photography. The role of naturalist has informed Kelly’s videography and travels by giving her the knowledge and skills base of how to interact with the world around her without disturbing the natural wonders it has to offer.