On the 8th of April, National Geographic Explorer reached the Canary Islands. We stopped at La Palma, also known as the Beautiful Island. The ship docked around noon. During the morning, guests had plenty of time to listen to David Cothran present, “Living the Dream – Off Grid in the Siskiyous,” and Massimo Bassano followed with, “Alone: My Passion for Single Hand Sailing.”

When National Geographic Explorer reached La Palma, a few groups headed straight out for one of the two tours offered. On a panoramic tour of La Palma, guests headed to the mountains for a beautiful, scenic view over Mirador de la Cumbrecita in the Caldera National Park. They visited Finca La Principal and the site of a 2020 eruption. The second tour was a forest walk with a visit to a rum distillery, where gorgeous rums were sampled.

After our busy afternoon, we enjoyed cocktail hour, recap, and a great dinner!