The orb became visible on the dusty horizon and slowly grew brighter. The seas were roughed up by a stiff wind, and there were only a few seabirds about. As the day progressed, the winds picked up, and the seas grew restless. More seabirds were sighted, once again showing us that they are masters at handling all kinds of weather.

Our day was packed with many activities. In between, we quickly set about packing and sorting last minute things in preparation for our departure from the ship. The meals, the wine, and the coffee all took on a different flavor. For sure, part of the day was spent up on the bridge taking in the enormity of the Atlantic Ocean.

Teatime was a very special one. It included Swedish pancakes, part of a long tradition on the ships. The lively chatter in the bistro was a strong indicator of how much we enjoyed this delicious delicacy.

During cocktail hour, we enjoyed the Guest Slideshow, which offered ample opportunities to laugh and reminisce about the remarkable journey we have all shared. This was followed by our Captain’s farewell speech and an opportunity to thank many of the crew who have cared for us so wonderfully during our long voyage.

By late afternoon, we were in the lee of the island of Madeira. The city of Funchal rose steeply up the volcanic slopes of the island until we lost sight of it. The hazy conditions that were with us at the start of the day continued to accompany us. However, we were all relieved that the sea state was calm and soothing. We were grateful that the night would be quiet to allow us to prepare for our visit to Madeira.