Today we followed in the footsteps of great French expeditionary endeavors. In the morning, we visited Port Charcot on Booth Island. This is where the first French Antarctic expedition overwintered on the vessel Français under the command of Jean-Baptiste Charcot. In the chill of an overcast December morning, we had the chance to observe all three kinds of brushtail penguins: gentoos, chinstraps, and some Adelies.

In the afternoon, we disembarked and Zodiac-cruised around Pléneau Island. The island was named after the photographer of Charcot’s expedition. It was the overwintering site of Charcot’s second Antarctic expedition on the vessel Pourquoi-Pas?, which translates to Why Not? Though still gray, the day rewarded us generously with the charming antics of gentoo penguins, as well as appearances by some chinstraps and a lone Adelie or two.