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Guadalupe Canale

Guadalupe was born and raised in the Argentine pampas, but she could never resist the call of the wild and the sea. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires, she went straight to Southern Patagonia to work as tour coordinator.

In 2018 she ventured out to Sweden to try to pursue a truer calling: Anthropology. While studying, she has worked as deckhand and then sailor (OS) on passenger ferries in the Stockholm archipelago, and guided whale safaris in Northern Norway. Her anthropology looks at human sociality "beyond the human", from relationships between Norwegian sailors and whales as her bachelor's thesis, to the co-construction of identity between reeds and Selk'nam basket-weavers (paper pending publication). For her masters dissertation in Social Anthropology at Stockholm University, defended in June, she explored the social and symbolic worlds of seaweeds in the Scottish Highlands. Dreams for the future include PhD studies that go further into how the sea and society are intertwined.
In her free time, Guadalupe adventures both in reality and on paper: She has sailed for leisure in the Fuegian Channels and Chilean fjords, around Sweden, and Eastern Denmark. She also freelances as a visual artist, working with ink, watercolors, and tempera. A poet on occasion, her works were selected by the Fuegian Cultural Publisher, and she is currently working on an illustrated anthology.