Making our way towards Sitka on our final day of exploration in Southeast Alaska allowed us the opportunity to navigate the fabled Peril Strait, a narrow passage separating Chicagof Island to the west and Baranof Island to the east. Included in this transit is the challenging and very tidally-influenced passage of Sergius Narrows and Kakul Narrows. The passage itself is stunning with forest-draped shorelines on both sides and picturesque islands dotting the channel.

The destination for our last outing was the Magoun Islands, another idyllic archipelago nested amongst the larger islands of the area. We pulled out all the stops for this afternoon’s adventures, with kayaking, Zodiac cruising, and a true blue Southeast Alaska bushwhack hiking option. With kayaks paddling out from one beach to explore the bay and Zodiacs heading farther afield to see what lay around the next rocky forested point, we also dropped off our intrepid hikers on another beach to set off into the temperate rainforest. They followed ancient game trails deep inside the forest to take in the majesty of this very special ecosystem one last time. By the end of the day, we all took away a slice of Southeast Alaska deep inside our hearts. We gathered in the lounge one last time after dinner to view the Guest Slideshow, which is composed of images collected from all our guests. With oohs and ahhs accompanying each image, we all regaled in what we have experienced together.