After some rainy and snowy weather, nature rewarded us with a blue sky and sun all day long. In the morning, the ship positioned itself in the small Ocean Harbor Fjord and two rounds of Zodiac cruises were offered to guests. Many southern fur seals with pups could be seen along the shore and in the water. Gentoo penguins could also be observed in the water and sometimes very high on the slopes. The highlight of the morning was hundreds of sparkling icebergs close to the fjord.

In the afternoon, we sailed into Gold Harbor where guests had another opportunity to do some Zodiac cruising around one of the largest king penguin colonies in a spectacular, mountainous landscape with calving glaciers in the background. Guests enjoyed a view of powerful swells crashing on the beach while a few elephant seals rested among penguins.

In the evening, National Geographic Explorer left South Georgia enroute to South Orkney Islands.