Bula and greetings as we pull into the lagoon of Kadavu, Fiji. Today’s expedition was all about lagoon and reef snorkelling and great cuisine.

Our day started off with our introduction of expedition staff members to guests, followed by our mandatory snorkel briefing. Guests were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cool lagoon of Verolevu Islet, snorkelling over a shoreside shallow reef.

On returning to National Geographic Orion, we were greeted by a lavish lunch provided by Executive Chef Lorenzo and his team.

Guests had an opportunity to rest before heading out on another snorkel adventure, this time hovering over a deep reef with myriads of fish dancing below. For those who chose not to snorkel, Undersea Specialist Mike Desiderio kept his party entertained in the iconic Tom Ritchie glass bottom Zodiac.