Despite the grey skies, the weather was perfect for our day exploring the Inner Hebrides for our first day in Scotland. The wind remained calm most of the day and the rain which threatened to pour, never arrived.

Our first stop during the morning was to the beautiful island of Iona, which is home to the historic abbey and nunnery. Many of us chose to take the tour of the small village and religious sites, while some of us went on an extended walk to the picturesque beaches of Iona.

In the afternoon, it was a stop at the world-famous Staffa. Home to many puffins and brilliant columnar basalts, it is a grand sight to behold. An exploration into Fingal’s Cave was even possible from both land and in the Zodiacs.

After another exquisite dinner, some of us tuned in to watch the unique documentary, Iorram, about the lives of Gaelic fisherman in the Hebrides.