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Josh Peck

A native Falkland Islander, Josh has always been fascinated by the natural world and exploring new destinations. Growing up in the wildlife haven of the Falklands - with the polar regions on his doorstep - Josh has spent most of his life living alongside penguins, seals and whales, most recently in South Georgia where he was based for 4 months working for the Government of South Georgia. Josh is used to living and working in remote locations and on isolated islands, travelling and working extensively around the world from the USA and Canada to Iceland, Zambia and Poland.

Following on from obtaining degrees in History and Politics in Bristol and London in the United Kingdom, Josh returned home to the Falkland Islands to pursue his passion for wildlife and wild places, co-founding a local tour company with two childhood friends in 2016. Focusing on nature and historical tours, Josh worked for the following four seasons guiding and sharing his love of his home with the many guests that visited.

An avid photographer and an international footballer (soccer), he is always looking for new experiences and places to visit to broaden his horizons and is looking forward to the next adventures with Lindblad Expeditions.