We entered Hornsund with an easterly wind of up to 50 knots and low clouds. While Expedition Leader Stefano considered the options for operating at our destined morning landing, Staff Captain Sam brought the ship in the vicinity of our destination, Gnålodden, and the operation was set in motion.

Thanks to the special characteristics of National Geographic Resolution, we safely boarded the Zodiacs from the marina in the aft. As a bonus, we passed through the boat garage. The ferrying to shore was quite different from what we had experienced earlier but, despite the choppy seas and the spray, and with the help of skillful boat handlers in waders, we reached the site safe and sound.

We divided in three groups to experience the magic of this location, the birds on the cliff above, and even a polar fox.

In the afternoon we looked for seals as we repositioned and then enjoyed a delicious wine tasting in Samarinbukta. We followed this with a slide show of our best shots, Stefano’s final recap, and the captain’s farewell speech. Dinner was served as we sailed into the open sea, left with great memories of this exciting expedition.