On Alaska’s vast waters, our vessel set sail,

From National Geographic Sea Bird we hail.

A ship of dreams, with a purpose to roam,

To Haines, Alaska, our destination is known.

The peaks of mountains, topped with snow,

Are calling us closer, so like Muir, we must go.

Biking through landscapes, wild and free,

We glimpsed bears feasting on a salmon spree.

Up Mount Riley, we ventured high,

From the sea to the summit, surrounded by sky.

Fly fishing brought us moments of calm,

As the river whispered her ancient psalm.

In Klukwan Village, Tlingit history came alive,

A tapestry of culture, where traditions are revived.

Rafting down a river through the bald eagle's realm,

We relaxed while our boatmen were steady at the helm.

Through rainforest and meadow, we found trails to hike,

with hemlock, spruce, alder, and the like.

Birds flitted around, from tree to tree,

Enchanting us with their soliloquy.

With gratitude overflowing, we sailed away,

Haines is behind us, but in our hearts she’ll stay.