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Jeff Litton

Jeff Litton is a dedicated advocate for our planet, igniting a passion within people to cherish our Earth. His circuitous journey involves leading individuals into the untamed wilderness, where he unveils the hidden splendor of the natural world. Jeff's career in the travel industry since 2009 encompasses roles as a naturalist, guide, filmmaker, photography instructor, undersea specialist, and National Geographic Educator. Through the captivating medium of film and photography, he shares the mesmerizing allure of nature with a global audience, showcasing his work in prestigious outlets like National Geographic magazine, the National Geographic Channel, and through his TED talk.

He is also an environmental filmmaker, contributing his efforts to esteemed organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and many others. His film projects have contributed to many successful campaigns including stopping whaling in the Southern Ocean, prohibiting the shark fin trade in California, and preserving 600,000 acres within the Rio Grande Watershed.

Jeff's dedication extends to education, as he passionately imparts his knowledge to others. Graduating with honors from the esteemed Brooks Institute of Photography, he finds immense joy in teaching photography, film, and aerial cinematography. Hailing from rural California, Jeff remains deeply involved in conservation efforts to safeguard the ancestral homeland of the Nisenan Native Americans along a vital 9-mile stretch of the Bear River, standing as a steadfast barrier against the potential inundation caused by the construction of a new dam.