Today's excursion aboard National Geographic Sea Bird was nothing short of spectacular as we set foot on George Island in the morning. Our guests were filled with excitement as we embarked on a thrilling hike and kayaking adventure, delving deep into the island's wonders. The intertidal zones and the lush temperate rainforest revealed a mesmerizing tapestry of nature's treasures.

In the afternoon, our Zodiac cruises through the Inian Islands were a wildlife extravaganza. Nature seemed to have conspired to showcase its grandeur, treating us to a remarkable show of humpback whales feeding, Steller sea lions basking in the sun, and majestic bald eagles soaring above. The abundance of wildlife left us humbled, reminded of the delicate balance that exists in these pristine ecosystems. The visit to the Tidelines Institute was an enriching experience for all of us. Learning about an organization led by a Lindblad alum, committed to educating people of all ages about the urgent need to combat climate change at a systemic level, left us inspired and determined to be active agents of change.

As the day ended, we gathered for a delightful cocktail hour, exchanging stories and recaps of the day's adventures. The anticipation for tomorrow's expedition in Haines filled the air with excitement, and we couldn't wait to see what more wonders Alaska had in store for us. After cocktail hour, we indulged in a sumptuous crab feast, enjoying the bounty of the sea in the company of newfound friends. The camaraderie onboard National Geographic Sea Bird has made this journey even more memorable.

Tomorrow promises to be another extraordinary day, and we are all eager to explore the enchanting beauty of Haines. With nature's splendor and wildlife encounters fresh in our minds, we look forward to embracing new adventures and forging lasting memories together.