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Andy Putnam

An East Coast native, but a Californian by choice; Andy has spent a lot of his life moving around from place to place. Whether it was moving homes, spending free time growing up exploring state and national parks, or having spent a large amount of his life since his teenage years traveling around the world…
He has grown to heavily prioritize exploration and travel in the search of beauty in the world, and he has worked with travel groups in the Dominican Republic, Fiji, and several places here in the United States. He focused his undergraduate schooling in environmental studies, allowing him to take a deeper dive in sustainable and organic agricultural practices, studying in Costa Rica and New Zealand. Andy has spent his entire adult life on a coast, usually in sight of the ocean. So, when finding subjects to explore, to learn from, and to photograph, that environment usually ranks highly. However, a deeply green forest or even some immense and powerful geology will grab his attention like a fish chasing a baited hook. Outside of immersing himself in the natural world and attempting to capture the beauty it has to offer, his other interests include getting lost while looking for wildflowers, skeletal anatomy of marine mammals, and well-crafted iced lattes.