Today marks the last full day of our voyage. With enthusiasm for the planned expedition, we walk collectively to the Maritime Museum. Here we are educated on aspects of navigation and commerce along the Columbia River.

At Fort Clatsop, our next destination, we find the inclement weather we are having enhances our ability to re-create the occurrences experienced by the Corp of Discovery. We are filled with awe and respect for these courageous pioneers.

Later on this afternoon, with the spirit of exploration ignited, we venture out, pushing through the wind and rain to stand at the shore of the Pacific. A sense of nostalgia washes over us as we gaze at the Peter Iredale, a merchant ship washed ashore in 1902. We enter the warm and comfortable coaches and head back to the Sea Lion; all the while captivated by the storytelling and harmonica playing being gifted to us by one of the historians on board.

As evening approaches we sail out to the Columbia River Bar. The continuous search for wildlife is satisfied with a sighting of California sea lions, a brown pelican, a harbor seal and the infrequently spotted Heerman’s gulls; a delightful way to conclude our voyage.