In the early morning, National Geographic Sea Lion crossed over the terminal moraine of the glaciers that formed Endicott Arm and Tracy Arm. Mist lined the sides of the glacially carved fjord walls, and fog shrouded the valleys and the waterway.

As Captain Carter navigated the ice, the vessel made its way to North Dawes inlet. We anchored in North Dawes over breakfast, and the deck team lowered the kayaks and stand-up paddleboards as a low fog danced around the vessel. This was an absolutely stunning morning for kayaking. The water was perfectly calm, the sun was shining, and low-lying fog made you feel as though you were completely alone with the high mountains around you.

Over lunch, National Geographic Sea Lion made its way through the ice towards Dawes Glacier for Zodiac cruises in the ice. After making our way to the face of the glacier, we sat in awe of the calving ice.