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Sarah Friedlander

Growing up with a large backyard, Sarah spent her childhood exploring the woods and bringing home frogs. When asked not to bring frogs into the house, she learned the difference between frogs and toads and was soon asked not to bring toads into the house either. Raised just outside of Washington, DC, she considers herself lucky to have grown up with exposure to a combination of the outdoors and the city, as it helped her pick with certainty which one she wanted to spend all her time in - the outdoors.

Exploring and learning about different cultures and environments was an intrinsic part of growing up for Sarah. Beginning at a young age with family vacations in Europe and Africa, Sarah has expanded her travel purposes to include studying social and economic development with NGOs in Bangladesh, improving her Spanish skills at schools in Mexico, and assisting with ornithological field research in the Brazilian Amazon. A graduate of the University of Virginia in the field of environmental science, Sarah considers herself lucky to have found the world of small ship travel as a way to share her passion of connecting with the natural world.