Revelry began just after 8am as the comforting voice of our expedition leader, Jonathan, greeted us with or location, weather, and an invitation to breakfast. Bright, sunny, and blue skies greeted everyone throughout the morning and the legendary lumpy seas of the Drake Passage were as calm as could be. Guests and all on board couldn’t be happier with the conditions!

We kept a light program today to give everyone aboard a chance to become accustomed to ship familiarity and to rest-up from the previous long days travel. We had a couple of programs during the day including talks such as "Birds of the Sea" by Naturalist Chelsea Behymer and a talk on "Travel Photography" from our National Geographic photographer Gianluca Colla and Lindblad Expeditions certified photo instructor, Jeff Litton. After lunch, guests were out on deck to witness a few of the Southern Oceans sea birds gliding just off the stern. We also rallied everyone in the mudroom to participate in the gear bio-security screening. This screening is where we clean and scrub our boots and gear to rid them of any seeds and any foreign material so we don’t introduce any invasive species to the Antarctic land.

We capped the night off with a delicious New Year's Eve dinner, music in the lounge, and a Lindblad tradition to ring the ships bell with the oldest and youngest guest on board! Happy New Year!