Current location, coordinates, and conditions: South Pacific Ocean, 18.80422° S, 174.51449° E; mostly cloudy skies, intermittent rain, and winds out of the southeast at 20-25mph with seas at 8ft.

An extra hour of sleep was in the program for today as we set our clocks back an hour last night, which welcomed the morning announcement and breakfast gathering a little later, too. Just before breakfast, a large full rainbow greeted those up early while enjoying the first sips of coffee from the decks above the bow. National Geographic Orion crossed over another 15 degrees of longitude, making yet another time change as we headed west towards the Vanuatu Islands.

The day was filled with presentations from our very own field staff of Elise Lockton, Mike Desiderio, and our on-board National Geographic expert, Ricky Qi! It was a day spent relaxing around the ship, taking in our surroundings, and enjoying the legendary and hospitable attention of the National Geographic Orion crew!