We docked in Port Empedocle, named after the great Greek pre-Socratic philosopher, and could see the line of extraordinary temples in Agrigento awaiting our visit. This part of Sicily from the mid-5th century BC was settled by Greeks and called Magna Graecia. The temples are all deliberately situated on a ridge, which allowed the ancient Greeks to vaunt their wealth and artistic skill. Originally, there may have been nine temples dedicated to the Olympian Gods. We began our visit at the temple of Hera, Zeus’s consort. This temple is in the severe Doric style and dates from between 450-430 BC. The site was continually inhabited until the 14th century. The Byzantines built their cemeteries in vaults hollowed out of the ancient walls. The Temple Concordia is the best preserved of the temples and is also in the Doric style. It dates from the mid-5th century and was converted by Christians in the 6th century and renamed the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Its conversion to a church likely contributed to its excellent state of preservation.