We started the first full day of our expedition this week visiting Clavero Lake. This large, blackwater oxbow lake has two communities living along its shoreline. As soon as we got to the entrance we spotted several birds, including different types of egrets, terns, neotropical cormorants, kingfishers, and several birds of prey. After riding further we explored a small creek and spotted more rainforest creatures: a three-toed sloth, some squirrel monkeys, and smaller ones like crickets, dragonflies, and butterflies.

In the afternoon we explored Supay Caño. The highlight of the afternoon for many of us was a couple of brown-throated sloths; these fascinating mammals have a very slow metabolism, meaning that they move very slowly. We returned to our ship just a few minutes before sunset, and the very last rays of sun lit the sky with fiery oranges. It was a golden finale for our first full day of exploration in the magnificent Peruvian Upper Amazon.