Lindblad Expeditions‐National Geographic Announce Six New Expeditions For 2014 Aboard National Geographic Explorer

Go Back to the Roots of Expedition Travel like the Brave Sailors of the Golden Age

NEW YORK, NY, May 2013 – Lindblad Expeditions‐National Geographic has announced six new itineraries for 2014 that include new routes to the ice, idyllic islands and intriguing cultures – some with no set itinerary, dependent on the ice and weather conditions. All are set aboard the world’s ultimate expedition ship, the 148 guest National Geographic Explorer, uniquely equipped with an ice-strengthened hull and advanced navigation equipment for polar expeditions; a roster of tools for exploration; and the best expedition team in the industry. The ship’s well‐appointed interior features vast expanses of glass for an unprecedented connection to the regions explored, and affords guests the privilege of wildness and the luxury of comfort.

Lars‐Eric Lindblad’s M.S. Lindblad Explorer was the first passenger ship ever to successfully navigate the entire Northwest Passage in 1984. In July 2014, Lindblad Expeditions will attempt to achieve the goal again with two inaugural voyages through the Northwest Passage. In navigating this route, National Geographic Explorer will echo not only the history of many dauntless explorers who tried and failed to make it through, but also our own history.

The new 2014 itineraries include:

  • The Northwest Passage, Iceland and Greenland: National Geographic Explorernavigates from Iceland and southern Greenland on its inaugural voyage through the quintessential Northwest Passage. A navigational highlight will be seeing the captain and his officers use the ‘mud maps’ made by Lars‐Eric’s team, as they navigate the James Ross Strait, and re‐confirm the soundings they took in 1984. Our voyage will explore the most exciting parts of the Northwest Passage, discovering the actual islands, protected waterways, ice‐filled fjords, historic sites, and native communities, and on the same expedition, explore Iceland and Greenland, as well. We will experience the wild, rugged western coast of Iceland, and its capital, Reykjavik; glide between soaring icebergs at the mouth of Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site; observe polar bears, walruses, ringed seals and belugas in their natural habitat; and explore Uummannatsiaq fjord, the site of an impressive mummy find. The 25‐day adventure departs July 28, 2014. Rates begin at $24,990 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
  • The Northwest Passage, Newfoundland and Labrador: The second of our inaugural voyages through the Northwest Passage travels from west to east. This expedition takes on a historic challenge: will ice and weather conditions permit us to navigate the famously ice‐clogged Fury and Hecla Strait? If conditions are right, we’ll spend the following days exploring—by ship, Zodiacs, kayaks and on shore hikes—the islands of the Foxe basin and Hudson Strait south of Baffin Island. If the Fury and Hecla Strait is impassable, we’ll sail to the north of Baffin Island, very familiar waters to us, where the landscape is equally stunning and inviting to activities, and plenty of late‐season ice still clings to Baffin’s eastern shore. We’ll explore the wild and pristine Canadian High Arctic: Baffin Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well. The 24‐day adventure departs August 19, 2014. Rates begin at $24,990 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
  • Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland’s East Coast: Ice, wildlife, and adventure—that is what draws us to the icy waters sweeping down from the Arctic Ocean. This is an expedition for the seasoned traveler—suited more than ever to the special capabilities of National Geographic Explorerand our expert naturalist staff. Like the brave sailors of the golden age of exploration who set out with no firm itinerary—seeking adventure, knowledge and the unknown—we are completely dependent on ice, wildlife and weather conditions, allowing nature to guide us to her wonderful surprises. From Arctic Svalbard, just 600 miles from the North Poleour journey will probe the ice—with the quest of exploring the ice’s edge all the way from Svalbard, Norway to eastern Greenland, ending in Iceland. Watch for polar bears, huge walrus, reindeer, rich birdlife ‐ and perhaps narwhals. Now that’s exploration! The 17‐day expedition departs June 27, 2014. Rates begin at $13,820 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
  • Buenos Aires, Rio & Brazil’s Wild Coast: Our voyage will explore a broad stretch of South America’s storied east coast, home to some of the world’s most exuberant cultures, with intriguing natural history. We will visit sites for which the region is famous, and explore off the beaten track. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites including the pastel‐hued historic district of Salvador and the Atlantic Forest Southeast Reserves, plus biodiversity hotspots that edge the Brazilian coast. Soak up the spirit of two of South America’s most vibrant cities: Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, spot tropical wildlife in coastal forests and look for humpback whales and other marine life at Abrolhos Marine National Park. Take an exhilarating ride on the Serra Verde Express, a mountain railway that clings to steep slopes on its way to the seaside. Since music is one of the best gateways for connecting with and understanding a culture, ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar from the acclaimed music label Putumayo World Music, will arrange a music program of live shows on and off ship and onboard presentations. Guests will get a taste of the unique sounds of the places we visit and a deeper interaction with their history, traditions and community. The 18‐day voyage departs March 23 and October 10, 2014. Rates begin at $15,740 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
  • Exploring The British & Irish Isles: We will follow the maritime thread through the islands, exploring the wild and beautiful places where Celtic and Viking influences still can be found in local languages and customs. Everywhere there are surprises: the tropical gardens in the otherwise “English‐y” Isles of Scilly; the fascinating geology of Fingal’s Cave on Staffa; the cloistered quiet Iona Abbey, where Macbeth’s grave allegedly lies; and the spectacular scenery along the route. Navigate around magical Skellig Michael crowned with a sixth‐century beehive monastery, and examine the natural geometric columns of Staffa; peer into the past in the 5,000‐year‐old dwellings at Skara Brae in Orkney and banish forever any lingering notions of early man as “primitive.” Venture into the mysterious ancient Celtic forts at Dun Aengus on the Aran Islands, and discover vibrant Gaelic culture on the remote isles of Scotland and Ireland. The 15‐day voyage departs May 11, 2014. Rates begin at $12,370 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
  • An Island Odyssey: Azores, Madeira, Canaries & Cape Verde: Immerse yourself in the theme of island exploration and make plenty of discoveries of your own: secluded archipelagos and unique island flora and fauna, whale‐watching, island cultures, and ancient lore. Indulge your passion for islands on this one‐of‐a‐kind adventure. Within Europe, explore three archipelagos known as the Macaronesia region: the Azores, Madeira (both belonging to Portugal) and the Canaries (Spain). Then voyage to isolated Cape Verde off the coast of West Africa. Travel back in time to a slice of centuries past as we explore the natural and cultural aspects of some of the remotest islands in the world. The 15‐day voyage departs on September 21, 2014. Rates begin at $13,820 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin.
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