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  • 17 Mar 2021

Pioneering Farm-to-Table in Galápagos: Eat Well, Do Good

Each morning on a Galápagos expedition you’ll wake up to a new island vista and head out for a full day of active exploration. And you can count on our chefs to fuel you up with a delicious array of fresh fare—juices, smoothies, bespoke omelets, Andean super-grains, salads, sustainable seafood, meat, wonderful desserts, and much more. All of the food served aboard is locally inflected, highlighting local flavors and giving you another window on the nature and culture of the region. But it’s also making a powerful impact in the archipelago. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up


Ana Esteves, Lindblad-National Geographic’s Director of Hotel Operations, has cultivated a farm-to-table approach in Galápagos that is focused on supporting and protecting the islands and its people. We purchase 30-40 tons of local and organic produce annually, invest money in Galápagos farms, and contribute to the well-being of farmers, and to the quality of their production. And 100% of all other (non-produce) provisions are sourced either in the islands or from the mainland of Ecuador. 

We care deeply about the places we explore and are committed to giving back. Our pioneering food program not only helps improve the local economy, it’s also helping to protect this spectacular ecosystem. By focusing on local, sustainable ingredients, we’re lowering the risk of accidentally importing invasive species; cutting our carbon footprint; and greatly reducing the use of packaging. But most importantly, we’re ensuring you enjoy fresh and exciting foods and flavors throughout your voyage. Watch the video above to learn more.

Here’s what Clemente, a local farmer who supplies us with carrots, cabbage, pineapples, lettuce, leeks, white onions, butternut squash and blossoms, has to say about the program:

“What I love the most about farming in the Galápagos is being able to give back to this Island I grew up in. I could spend days on end in the field under the sunshine or rain, but as long as I am out there with my plantation, I am happy and fulfilled. Before Lindblad-National Geographic, there was no sign of any tourist wanting my products, it was all for the locals. Lindblad has opened up so many possibilities for me and my family and our future. Anita (refers to Ana Esteves) has shown us that what we have been doing has a name, sustainable farming.”

Get a taste of our farm-to-table program on a Galápagos expedition aboard National Geographic Endeavour II or National Geographic Islander.