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  • 12 May 2023

Photos of the Week, May 12, 2023

A large group of Brant Geese fly north over blue and light purple still waters in the distance with snow-capped mountains in the background partially obscured by a light haze.

Across the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in full bloom, and our field staff captured many classic signs of the season: lush, green vegetation; birds of all shapes and sizes; and, of course, baby animals. This week was also the first week of our Alaska season; four ships are currently making their way north toward the Inside Passage.  Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

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Lyons Ferry, Washington

Columbia and Snake Rivers Journey, April 21, 2023

red tailed hawk with river rapids in backgroundRed-tailed hawk riding the thermals of the Palouse River. —Jesse Humbert, Naturalist


At Sea, Strait of Gibraltar

Sailing the Western Mediterranean: Spain to Corsica aboard Sea Cloud, April 24, 2023

a tall-masted sailing ship against blue sky and smooth water

An excellent opportunity to photograph the Sea Cloud from the Zodiacs as we sail towards Granada. —Myriam Casper, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor


Inverewe, Scotland

Exploring Scotland’s Wild Isles: Shetlands, Orkneys, and Inner Hebrides, April 28, 2023

a man playing bagpipes standing on a seaside cliff

Our morning started with a short Zodiac ride. As we approached the shore, the haunting sound of the bagpipes reached us. Soon we could make out the solitary figure of a piper on the rocks welcoming us to Inverewe Gardens. —Mairi Fenton, Naturalist (photo by Lisa Hornak)


Floreana Island, Galápagos

Wild Galápagos Escape, April 30, 2023

four pink flamingos standing in a line

In the afternoon, we had some relaxing beach time at Punta Cormorant in north Floreana. We disembarked on a beach that appeared greenish, due to the high concentration of olivine, a glassy mineral abundant in the area. Walking inland, we reached a lagoon behind the beach and saw many flamingos whose pink color contrasted with the green of the water. —Paul Vergara, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor


At Sea to Sardinia, Italy

Corsica and Sardinia aboard Sea Cloud, April 30, 2023

a goldfinch perched on a piece of rope

Sailing towards Italy, a goldfinch joined us. —Tom Heffernan, Historian (photo by Myriam Casper)


Amanu Atoll, French Polynesia

Easter Island to Tahiti: Tales of the Pacific, May 1, 2023

a man playing a guitar while children sing

This morning, National Geographic Orion left the dock in Hao and headed for the only pass in the atoll that would allow us to exit the large lagoon and French Polynesia’s fourth largest atoll. We did not have far to travel and arrived at Amanu Atoll around breakfast. We headed for shore and were welcomed with quite a reception, complete with leis, music, and a lively atmosphere. Musicians and children led us into their community in a procession. Upon arrival, we were gifted hats woven from palm fronds, greeted by the mayor, and entertained with a sweet performance of hula and music.


Sucia Island, Washington

Treasures of the Inside Passage: Alaska and British Columbia, May 1, 2023

three fluffy yellow goslings

Canada geese goslings. —Marylou Blakeslee, Naturalist


Aberdeen, Scotland

Exploring Scotland’s Wild Isles: Shetlands, Orkneys, and Inner Hebrides, May 2, 2023

highland cow

Some guests visited a farm on the edge of the city that specialized in breeding Highland cows. There were many cows in the herd along with three bulls. Grace, the farmer we met, also raised a small flock of sheep and some goats. —John Pailthorpe, Naturalist (photo by Clara Fuquen)


Nanaimo, British Columbia

A Remarkable Journey to Alaska, British Columbia, and Haida Gwaii, May 3, 2023

geese in flight against a purple sky

Brant geese head north. —Eric Guth, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor


Alert Bay, British Columbia

Treasures of the Inside Passage: Alaska and British Columbia, May 4, 2023

four divers smile underwater next to a large sea star

National Geographic Venture and National Geographic Sea Lion dive teams meet up for an underwater selfie under the Alert Bay dock with one of the area’s many incredible critters: a large basket star with feeding arms outstretched into the current. —Patrick Webster, Undersea Specialist


Green Inlet, British Columbia

Treasures of the Inside Passage: Alaska and British Columbia, May 6, 2023

a bird perches on a mossy branch

A chestnut-backed chickadee investigates the scene. —Kyle Bowman, Naturalist (photo by Jesse Humbert)


Daajing Giids, Haida Gwaii

A Remarkable Journey to Alaska, British Columbia, and Haida Gwaii, May 7, 2023

a squirrel in an evergreen tree

Shortly after lunch, we returned to our buses for a short drive to the Spirit Lake trail. We divided into several small groups and walked in the early spring forest as we listened to our naturalists and cultural interpreters tell stories about the land our feet were touching for the first time. —Sharon Grainger, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor


Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Isles, May 8, 2023

three baby lambs running in a field

Newborn lambs have just discovered the joy of running! —Carl Erik Kilander, Naturalist


Maranon River, Peru

Upper Amazon Aboard the Delfin II, May 8, 2023

a bright red frog on a green leaf

One of the locals showed us a red-backed poison dart frog. —Aaron Raymond, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Polynesian Discovery: Exploring Tahiti, Bora Bora, and the Tuamotus, May 10, 2023

two sharks swimming underwater

Once in the water, it wasn’t long before the sun appeared. We were joined by rays and blacktip reef sharks. —Jamie Coleman, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor