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Oberoi Philae: The Finest Ship on the Nile

Gliding along banks lined with date palms, and past fishermen throwing their nets, life on the Nile over the millennia is palpable. It’s not a stretch to envision villagers gathering on the shores to catch a glimpse of their queen, who, according to Shakespeare, sailed in a vessel fashioned of gold and silver with purple sails “so perfumed that the winds were love-sick with them.” In the heady wake of Cleopatra, Napoleon, Mark Twain, and countless others who have fallen under the spell of this fabled river, we explore Egypt’s legendary sites of antiquity in peerless style aboard one of the most elegant ships on the Nile today, the Oberoi Philae. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

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Spacious Accommodations and Gracious Style

Originally built for 100 guests, the magnificently crafted Oberoi Philae has been completely remodeled to accommodate just 42 passengers. In a class of her own, she combines the intimate size and superior appointments of a luxury yacht with the spaciousness and gracious hospitality of a world-class hotel. All 22 generously proportioned cabins are outside facing ,and their French balconies invite in scenes of tall rushes, farmers tending fields, and oxen pausing for a drink.

Relax and Revitalize

After unhurried days spent discovering the ancient temples and monuments of one of the world’s greatest civilizations, head to the top deck to unwind. The sizeable 36-foot pool beckons for a refreshing dip; or relax on a lounge chair to read Agatha Christie’s famous Death on the Nile, which she wrote in Aswan. Steps away, a cold beverage or light meal can be enjoyed under the canopy that shades an al fresco restaurant. As the sun sets and river activity slows, the pool deck is illuminated by the soft glow of lamplight.

Elevated Dining

A stylish enclosed restaurant on the lower deck is lined with windows for panoramic views of life along the Nile. Exceptionally trained chefs offer menu options that include Middle Eastern cuisine, continental favorites, mixed grill, and Asian and Indian specialties. At each meal, there are multiple courses with myriad choices, all freshly and authentically prepared on board.

An Outstanding Spa with Health and Wellness Offerings

With a range of treatments such as Thai, Balinese, and Ayurvedic massages as well as facials and body scrubs, there are multiple ways to melt away your worries. There’s a window in each private treatment room that provides the option to watch the billowing sails of feluccas while savoring a skillfully delivered aromatherapy massage. Also in the spa area, you’ll find an air-conditioned fitness center and a unisex beauty salon to accommodate all health, beauty, and wellness needs.

Exclusive Experiences

The Nile can be tranquil, but ports in populated areas are often busy with commercial and leisure traffic. We avoid crowds and congestion delays in Luxor and Aswan, where our own private docking sites are reserved solely for Oberoi Philae. In addition to being the most sophisticated ship on the Nile, our itinerary also sets us apart. We explore the celebrated sites of the world’s longest river for six nights instead of the more standard four. This relaxed pace allows for deeper immersion and a richer experience of Egypt’s history and culture, which has informed the engineering, architecture, agricultural methods, and so many more facets of life around the world.

Aboard Oberoi Philae, guests join ages of explorers who traveled vast distances to see with their own eyes the lasting stone testaments of an advanced, influential, and endlessly intriguing civilization.

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