Our last day exploring the Upper Amazon began right after breakfast. On board the skiffs, we explored Yarapa River. This river is one of several tributaries that feed the Ucayali River.

It was a fresh and overcast morning, and the birds gave us an opportunity to practice our photographic skills. Our guests were delighted with all of the sightings. Time goes flying by when you are having a lot of fun.

Back on board, we repositioned Delfin II to our afternoon destination, Amazona Community.  The Upper Amazon is a lot more than birds and animals. It’s also about the people who live here and how they manage to live in harmony with nature.

In this community, the women are well organized, and each had an opportunity to act as a leader in areas like arts and crafts, community service, and health programs. There is also a person responsible for agricultural and cultural projects.

Today was a memorable way to conclude our learning experience in the Upper Amazon.