We departed in the early hours for our exploration of Yanayacu River, a tributary of the Marañón River. As soon as we boarded the skiffs, we spotted pink river dolphins foraging in the shallow waters with neotropic cormorants. At this time of year, the landscape is dotted with different species of birds, including large flocks of great egrets.

We entered the kingdom of the endless forest, through which most of the rivers flow to form larger ones. The Ucayali and the Marañón Rivers eventually merge, giving origin to the mighty Amazon. This jungle is vibrant and full of life, from birds to monkeys. This morning was a special one, as hundreds of egrets mixed with cormorants, wood storks, and kingfishers. All of them foraged in the early hours.

In the afternoon, we visited Amazon Park to explore the forest and suspension bridges. This forest is a pristine one, as no tree has ever been cut. The ecosystem is just like it was thousands of years ago. This is the kingdom of the giants! All the trees in this forest are around a hundred feet tall. We were happy to visit such a pristine spot in the Amazon. Indeed, we felt small as we walked under the canopy. There is so much foliage that there is not much light near the ground of the forest.

The rainforest is just amazing!