We started our second day by visiting Yanallpa Creek, a beautiful tributary that flows into the Ucayali from deep inside the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Several blue-and-yellow macaws flew overhead — a pretty awesome way to start the day! A yellow-crowned brush-tailed rat looked at us from the safety of its hole in a tree, while saddle-back tamarins, Isabel’s saki, and brown capuchin monkeys moved around the trees looking for breakfast. We even got the chance to see a coendu, a tropical porcupine — a rare sight!

In the evening we boarded our skiffs again and ventured deeper into the El Dorado River looking for wildlife. Once it was dark enough, we searched for nocturnal creatures using a spotlight. We found a few spectacled caimans and other interesting creatures, like the black-crowned and the black-capped herons, nightjars, and large fishing bats patrolling the river. A very interesting end to another great day exploring Amazonia!