Another sunny day in Alaska! Today we approached the town of Petersburg via Wrangell Narrows. It was a calm voyage through the Narrows and we got to observe black bear, Sitka deer and bald eagles on the shore as we passed by. Everyone was excited to arrive in the picturesque Norwegian fishing town as we approached the dock. It was so sunny and clear out that we were able to see all of the mountains in the distance, including Devil’s Thumb peak! 

After a lovely brunch we proceeded to enjoy Petersburg and the surrounding areas by foot, bike, Zodiac and seaplane. We got to learn about the history and methods of the fishing industry here as well as enjoy the surrounding nature. Everything from muskegs to aerial glacier views were had, folks on the flightseeing tour even got to see killer whales from the air! We ended our port day by cruising past all the wonderful mountains and indulging in a sustainable crab feast. Overall, we are all so happy to be in Southeast Alaska. Onward!