After sailing through Wrangell Narrows overnight, guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird woke up in the town of Wrangell, a community with a population of about 2,300 located at the mouth of the Stikine River delta. A variety of activities awaited our adventurous guests. Some explored famed Petroglyph Beach while others explored native culture at Chief Shakes residence. Some hiked through a local muskeg with our naturalists, and still others boarded jetboats that deftly navigated the shallow river delta, delivering them miles up the river at the terminus of Shakes Glacier. Several guests chose to participate in a guided photo walk through the town.

In the evening, our guests enjoyed a special crab dinner aboard National Geographic Sea Bird, followed by an informative lecture about marine mammals by naturalist Jessica Farrer.

Photo caption: Visiting Wrangell and the Stikine River.