Today, the intrepid explorers of National Geographic Resolution woke up to an overcast and windy Antarctic morning. The ship sailed to the South Shetland Islands and attempted to land at President Head, a headland forming the east end of Snow Island. Unfortunately, the wind and the weather had other ideas, and the ship made its way to Deception Island.

Our explorers gathered on the bow as National Geographic Resolution sailed through Neptune’s Pass, the stunning inlet of Deception Island. The ship made land at Whalers Bay, where we spent the afternoon exploring the historic whaling station, visiting the first fur seals of the expedition, observing the behavior of gentoo penguins, and hiking to the vista point at Neptune’s Window.

After leaving Whalers Bay, the ship made its way over to Bailey Head, where explorers checked off yet another first sighting on the expedition–chinstrap penguins. This was followed by an evening recap, including footage shared by the underwater team of the remnants of whale bones underwater at Whalers Bay. We enjoyed a special birthday celebration orchestrated by the hospitality team for the 30th birthday of one of our explorers.