After an epic end to an action-packed time in South Georgia, we all deserved a little sleep in and some time to process our incredible experiences over the last week. Don’t mention the time we need to organize and process the thousands of photos we have taken, 90% of them penguins, no doubt!

Today we enjoyed calm seas and a packed lecture series covering a diverse range of interests from our naturalists. Naturalist Jamie Coleman started off this morning with his presentation, entitled, ‘Seals of the Southern Ocean.’ In the late morning, photo instructor and naturalist Sue Forbes told the story of, ‘Shackleton, a Tale of Endurance,’ with tales of ‘The Boss’ as he crossed South Georgia in search of rescue.

In the afternoon, National Geographic photographer Susan Seubert helped to streamline our photo lives with her presentation, ‘Workflow Not Workslow – How to Manage Your Digital Assets.’ Then expedition diver Emmett Clarkin dove into the shallow seas of the Southern Ocean to talk about, ‘Seaweed of the Southern Ocean: It’s Time to Sea Kelp!’ He taught guests about the important role this often overlooked species has in the health of our oceans, as well as for ourselves.

Late afternoon, naturalist Ciaran Cronin discussed ‘Animal Migration’ patterns and behaviors around our planet, highlighting some of the amazing strategies different species use to overcome incredible odds.

Today we had the opportunity to recharge our batteries with a little help from the wonderful onboard restaurant and bar team. It’s not too shabby, travelling across the South Atlantic Ocean in style and decadence.