Today was a gloriously sunny, beautiful day in the Salish Sea. We spent the morning cruising to West Redonda Island, on the lookout for our next adventure. We found an inlet and came upon swarms of moon jellies swimming in the calm, protected waters. We began our hiking adventure to Black Lake, where we took in the serenity of the calm lake water and captured the beautiful fall-colored reflections.

After our morning adventures, we continued our travels north with stunning weather and mountainous scenery. Just east of the Campbell River, a lone humpback surfaced and proceeded to lunge feed in the rich waters. As the sun was setting, a pod of northern resident orca whales came to join the hunt and proceeded to feed on the autumn salmon run near the opening of the river. They worked together to provide for all pod members, including the young calves, who were busy exuberantly breaching out of the water. Another wonderful day on National Geographic Venture, complete with a picturesque sunset and whales frolicking in the sea around us.