Morning and it is lightly snowing! I jump into my Zodiac, getting it ready and I notice that there is a bunch of that fancy confetti all over the boat, the plastic kind that party-goers shoot out of poppers. What is this? They look like snowflakes! Ha, there, there are more of them. They ARE snowflakes that are melting very slowly because the Zodiac is cold. Take a picture.

Today it is snow, ice, and penguins. First at Devil Island, then at Brown Bluff. Adelie penguins mostly, and a few gentoo. There are always a few gentoo, unless there are a lot! Gentoo penguins are pioneers… or at least they just want to know what is in your backyard.

We have penguins on ice, just hanging out. We have penguins on nests, on the rocks out of the snow, and we have dirty penguins lined up on the water’s edge waiting for their turn to bathe. Waiting penguins are fun to watch. All of them are waiting for the front one to jump. The leopard seals can only take one. Sometimes the ones in back push the one in front into the water, and the others all follow. Great fun for all, almost… maybe not for the one in front!